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Discussion forum is a knowledge sharing tool for users to share information with geographically dispersed group of people. The principle of our discussion forum is “Learn and Let Learn”. For students to achieve their goals and to fulfill their passion, the discussion forum is great place to provide structure to their thoughts and to create value for themselves.

Following activities can be done by the users on the discussion forum:

  • A medium to discuss and to contribution ideas and suggestions
  • Gather view points and suggestions of the members of the forums
  • Ask query directly to the mentors and college representative
  • Share reading materials such as article, links, online test, PDF copies and others with the other members
  • Leave and expect responses to messages those you have left
  • Send personal messages to discussion forum members
  • Create threads for the new discussions. Invited friends and peers to be part of the discussion
  • Expect notification for the any new reply on the discussion forum

Who Can Participate in a Discussion Forum?

  • Any user who has LearninGuru username can read and contribute to the forum. User can seek suggestions and reply to thread.

General Forum Etiquettes

  • The user should not indulge in any personal attacks, pettiness, abuse. The forum members should respect each other. In case of any misconduct, the LearninGuru management team has all rights to bar any members from the forum.
  • The user should always try to focus on the original topic. The user should not change the course of the discussion in the existing thread. The user can create and start a new discussion topic.
  • To make discussion more effective and fruitful, the user while starting a new topic should make the subject line clear and informative
  • If user is posting a question to forum members, then he/she should provide as much information as possible. The forum provides flexibility to attach links, documents and images for the forum members.
  • The user shouldn’t create multiple threads for the same discussion. The user should try to contribute as much as possible in one thread. It is very useful for new members to find and to discuss.
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