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Curtin University of Technology, Singapore,Singapore,Singapore

Curtin University of Technology is considered one of the best in Singapore and it offers a wide range of subjects in every stream possible. The campus at Singapore is the second campus of Australia’s Curtin University. In Australia Curtin university is considered one of the biggest universities in the western part of Australia. There are at least 37000 undergraduate students that are pursuing some course or the other. More Information

Singapore Management University,Singapore,Singapore

Singapore Management University was founded in the year 2000. It is a premier university of Singapore which is known internationally for its teaching and research. It is the first autonomous university to be publically funded in Singapore. The university has more than 8300 students, both in postgraduate and graduate programs. The university offers Phd programs, masters’ programs and bachelor programs in various areas More Information

Management Development Institute of Singapore,Singapore,Singapore

The Management Development Institute of Singapore was founded in the year 1956. It is Singapore’s oldest non profit professional institute. hey apply globalized strategies that work in hand to provide all the necessary education with a global recognition. The institute provides well designed courses for Business and Management along with Fashion Designing and Hospitality management. The programs are offered and acclaimed by the leading universities in France, Australia and the United States of America. Its current student enrollment is approximately 13,000, out of which about 5,000 are international students from 74 different countries More Information

SIM University,Singapore,Singapore

SIM University is the only private university in Singapore that imparts excellence and high quality education. The learning patterns that are designed with the curriculum promises to reap the best out of every student.The students can enjoy fee subsidies and loans subjective to the fee structure designed for the colleges. The self learning objectives are increasingly globalized and offer a professional guidance to the students. The programs are designed to offer the students a practice oriented environment. More Information

Yale NUS College,Singapore,Singapore

The Yale NUS College is a community of learning and imparting knowledge. The campus is a temple of learning where the students and the teachers interact to an unusual extent. The student and teacher publications offer a blend of liveliness and official curriculum amongst the crowd. The students learn to pursue towards sports, arts, music and literature. Built with an aim of providing technology and management studies, this university is now thriving for its global recognition. The innovatively designed curriculum integrates knowledge from various disciplines around the globe.The campus promises a non discriminated field of education amongst all the students and individuals. An academic freedom with excellent scholarship facilities are provided to all. More Information

Singapore University of Technology and Design,Singapore,Singapore

SUTD was built with a mission to provide the best knowledge to all the students who are in need of a global recognition. The university has collaborated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology to form a technically nurtured educational curriculum for all the students. The leaders and innovators of this institute serve the educational and the social needs of every student. More Information

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