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Waiariki Institute of Technology,Rotorua,New Zealand

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Established in 1978, The University of Waiariki is one of the largest institutes offering tertiary education. The university mentors around 9000 students inclusive of both full time and part time students, and out of them 200 is from across the ocean.

The main aim of the university is to provide creative and challenging opportunities to learn. Originally, it was developed as an institution for adults and trade education. The university has been offering vocational studies for the past 29 years. It started providing bachelor’s degree training program in early 1990’s.


The university has five main campuses. They are as follows:

  • Rotorua campus: This place is well known as heartland of Maori culture and the geo thermal activity. The place is situated in southern shore of Lake Rotorua in bay of plenty. It includes number of rural places and lakeside communities.
  • Taupo campus: This is one the famous new-Zealand holiday destination. This is the largest lake of new-zealand.
  • Tokoroa campus: The place is situated to the south of Waikato district. It is often loved for its natural beauty.
  • Whakatane campus: This campus is situated at a distance of 6km from central business district and provides plenty of free parking facilities.

Students Facilities

  • Waiariki Institute of technology offers various excellent services and amenities to aid its students to excel in their studies.
  • The university provides lots of funding opportunities and scholarships and study grants to assist students with their study expenses.
  • There are many services at the campus of this institute including automotive workshop though this is completely priced, banking machines that is beneficial for deposit, account balances and deposit services.
  • Bus transport services which are free for all enrolled Waiariki students.
  • There is also copy centre and counseling at the university campus to help students
  • There is also Chinese language centre, childcare centre, computer services and lots more.
  • The great facilities, lively campus, quality education and the environment at the campus are sure to inspire students in their studies.
  • The campus is fully-furnished with the essential requirements.

Transport and Location

All the students who are enrolled for the course at Waiariki institute of technology are eligible to avail the free transportation facilities from Mokoia campus that’s situated in rotoura.

The Rotorua students can make use of their computer chipped ID card to travel on all vehicles from Rotura during week days until their card expires. Apart from these, there are additional bus facilities only for students and not for the public.These are few of the great transportation services offered at the Waiariki Institute of technology.

The services are provided only during academic working days and not in public holidays and academic breaks. The seats of vehicle depend on first come first serves basis.Free parking is provided to the students in the campus of Rotorua, Taupo and Whakatane both for students as well as staff. Parking for disabled peoples is available in separate designated areas.

Contact information

  • Address: Waiariki Institute of Technology, private bag 3028, Rotura, new -Zealand
  • Telephone:+64 7 346 8768
  • Website: www.waiariki.ac.nz
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