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Management Development Institute of Singapore,Singapore,Singapore

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The Management Development Institute of Singapore was founded in the year 1956. It is Singapore’s oldest non profit professional institute. The institute has two main daughter institutes. The Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte. Ltd and The MDIS  International Pte. Ltd. These two institutions look after the overall academic status of the students that are enrolled. They apply globalized strategies that work in hand to provide all the necessary education with a global recognition. The institute provides well designed courses for Business and Management along with Fashion Designing and Hospitality management. The programs are offered and acclaimed by the leading universities in France, Australia and the United States of America. Its current student enrollment is approximately 13,000, out of which about 5,000 are international students from 74 different countries

Mission and core values:

The institute was built with a choice for a lifelong impact on learning subjects that are globally recognized. The campus provides a caring and socially responsible atmosphere for the well being of the students. The potential of those who are studying here is highly recognized and catered.  The acronym used for defining the quality of education here is LEARN. The word promises lifelong learning and striving for excellent education. The responsibility of imparting education is undertaken through well designed programs that nurture the yearn for education in every individual.

Student Facilities:

  • The campus is equipped with 71 lecture rooms that are well designed for a comfortable learning. 6 lecture theaters with 5 computer labs are included in the infrastructure.
  • Life science lab and Engineering workshops within the campus is equipped with latest technological machineries.
  • The other facilities include the Auditorium, Library, Fashion Studio, TV studio and Radio Studio.
  • The common areas have a spaciously accommodated food court and round the clock convenient stores.
  • Students’ communal space and a book shop are facilitated for the well being of every student within the campus.
  • The dance studio and gymnasium within the campus provides the students with all the fitness programs that will let their body and mind relax.
  • The MDIS Dhoby Ghaut is equipped with 5 lecture rooms and a single computer lab. All the facilities provided are shared between the two campuses. A sense of integrity and punctuality is seen within the campus premises.
  • A sense of green MDIS is inculcated amongst every individual that steps inside the campus.
  • The heritage and quality education are a need of every student within the campus. This need is fulfilled within all the corners of the campus. The premises speak and boast of its volumes of education that is given to the students.

Transport and Location:

  • The students can reach the campus by bus or a private vehicle. There is space provided for private parking within the campus.
  • The campus encourages bicycle riding for maintaining a clean and green environment.
  • The hostel rates within the campus can be chosen on depending upon the personal budget of every individual. The MDIS hostel covers the best accommodation details for all the students.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Management Development Institute of Singapore, 501 Stirling Road, Singapore
  • Telephone: +65-6278-8000
  • Website:  http://www.mdis.edu.sg/
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