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SIM University,Singapore,Singapore

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SIM University is the only private university in Singapore that imparts excellence and high quality education. The learning patterns that are designed with the curriculum promises to reap the best out of every student. The learners are guided for a promising future and success. The university is committed to making the lecturers life easy and enjoyable. The professors who are hired hold an excellent degree in their field and immense experience.

The university is dedicated in developing the curriculum and programs for the benefit of the students. The students can enjoy fee subsidies and loans subjective to the fee structure designed for the colleges. The self learning objectives are increasingly globalized and offer a professional guidance to the students. The programs are designed to offer the students a practice oriented environment.

Campus Overview:

  • The students can enjoy a well equipped campus that is built to enhance the quality of learning and networking needs.
  • The facilities are spread widely over two campuses. The Clementi and Namly Avenue together cover a total area of approximately 119,900 square meters.
  • The campus has fully furnished lecture theaters that can accommodate 300 students at a time.
  • There are 123 seminar rooms that are designed to fulfill an effective learning and discussion. The computer laboratories have 33 seats that are equipped with all the latest technologies. The counseling services are withheld within the campus. The eatery and the common meet lounge room are designed with the best amenities.
  • The campus provides medical facilities to all the students. The House of Management has a center for resting in case of medical emergency. The place provides all the facilities for the research and development.
  • The Richard KM Eu library has all the related books of management that provide necessary management skills and knowledge. It is the biggest library housed on the management campus.
  • Subjects like the arts, business and psychology along with English and literature is provided in the curriculum. A wide range of options other than these major subjects is also available.

Student Facilities:

  • SIM University is committed in providing knowledge and accommodation for the international students as well. Scholarships for the best ranked students are provided by the university.
  • Focused on international business management, the study course is so designed to meet the international business markets.
  • The accommodation and other facilities are provided by the Evan’s hotel that houses a large number of students.
  • It has all the facilities like surf rooms, conference halls and lounges in the campus so that the students do not have to step out for any needs.

Transport and Location

  • The students can get to the campus by bus. There are various bus routes near to the SIM university campus.
  • A space for car parking is made available in the SIM HQ.
  • Use of other vehicles is highly encouraged and has to be parked right at the place reserved for it.

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