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Yale NUS College,Singapore,Singapore

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The Yale NUS College is a community of learning and imparting knowledge. The campus is a temple of learning where the students and the teachers interact to an unusual extent. The student and teacher publications offer a blend of liveliness and official curriculum amongst the crowd. The students learn to pursue towards sports, arts, music and literature. Built with an aim of providing technology and management studies, this university is now thriving for its global recognition. The faculty, staff and students together have carved a niche where the milestones of the college are recognized greatly.

Associated with the American Liberal Arts education, this university provides definitive art studies to all the students. It is a cherished arts college that dedicates itself to providing undergraduate education. The college believes in pursuing towards the innovative teaching and research methods for better learning.The lively learning atmosphere is blended with critical thinking and creativity. The innovatively designed curriculum integrates knowledge from various disciplines around the globe.The campus promises a non discriminated field of education amongst all the students and individuals. An academic freedom with excellent scholarship facilities are provided to all.


  • The services and facilities include a lecture theater with attached library with a large collection of books and services. The computer laboratories are equipped with all the latest equipments and are technologically sound.
  • The campus provides research and development facilities in all the classrooms. There are counseling services in the NUS College.
  • One can pursue the fields of arts and psychology along with environmental studies. The business media and communication are also included in the course curriculum.
  • Students have better interaction through various introductory programs that is held in the classrooms. The full time and part time program are meticulously designed to cater the needs of global education.
  • Courses for double degree and masters along with PhD programs in medical schools are included.

Student Facilities:

  • The Yale NUS College provides all the International students with the opportunities to get all the financial support. The scholarships are provided as per the merits, they hold with a detailed study of their subject.
  • Accommodation is provided within the campus and have all the amenities for relaxation of the students. Here the students can not only relax, but interact and share their ideas about the curriculum and studies.
  • The campus accommodation and educational facilities are necessitated to thrive the students with excellence and create a critical thinking. The hostel is located within a fixed distance from the campus. Thus, the students can keep a note of all the activities that is going on in the campus during their absence.
  • The campus tours for all the newcomers are arranged so that they are exposed to the life at Yale.

Transport and Location:

  • Public transport facilities are provided near the campus. Private parking of  vehicles is also included.
  • The Yale NUS campus encourages on keeping the environment pollution free. Thus, the efficient use of vehicles is encouraged in and around the campus.

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