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Singapore University of Technology and Design,Singapore,Singapore

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SUTD was built with a mission to provide the best knowledge to all the students who are in need of a global recognition. The university has collaborated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology to form a technically nurtured educational curriculum for all the students. The leaders and innovators of this institute serve the educational and the social needs of every student.

Singapore University of technology and design plans to be a center for providing knowledge with an assimilated creation and learning. It was established to nurture and enrich the localities of Singapore with education and technology.  The best minds with innovative ideas thrive to provide a financial and technological impact for a sound future.  All the renowned industries have collaborated with the institute for better exposure of talents to the world.

Campus details:

  • The campus is built for interaction and collaboration with the students in the best possible way. The entire campus houses the Diver Campus and The East Coast Campus.
  • The interim campus built on the Dover Road embarks the technological aspect of every individual. The campus has re-adapted the former sense of a technological institute. The place provides a series of academic and research spaces. The faculty and the students get a chance to involve themselves with the technological knowledge and interaction.
  • The East Coast campus is the place where the housing, students' facility and the recreational facilities are fully designed.
  • The master plan of this place incorporates connectivity to the teaching places and other technological departments.
  • A multipurpose hall is inbuilt for the students as well as teachers to come together and interact. A sense of identity is created well within the campus. The central plaza is the meeting space for all the students and will enhance the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • The place will hold all the retail shops with eating outlets and beverage shops.

Student Facilities

  • The housing facility is named as Six Degrees by the students. This name is suggested because all the facilities within the accommodation are spanned with a six degree distance.
  • This place lies 3 minutes away from the Dover Campus and students will have undivided attention to all the activities within the campus.
  • A block of four buildings that have 9 rooms on each floor. Every room spaciously accommodates 3 students and has all the facilities inbuilt.
  • The place is not only meant to stay but will provide a blend of relaxation and togetherness to all the students.

Transport and Location:

  • The expo station is located at a walk able distance from the campus. One can alight at the station and walk towards Somapah Road to reach the premises.
  • Many buses are available from the Changi road that lies near to the campus. The Dover campus also encourages private vehicle parking spaces within the campus.
  • A clean and unpolluted campus is the necessity and this is why, bicycle riding is encouraged greatly within the premises.

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