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London School of Business and Management,London,United Kingdom

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Located in the center of London (Bloomsbury), the London School of Business and Management (LSBM) considers its motto  ‘Shaping Success in Business and Management’. The school mainly offers postgraduate degrees in Business and Management. From 2014, it has received the permission to offer law degrees awarded by University of Northampton.

LSBM has gone under a review of for educational oversight by the "Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education" (QAA) and has received a positive review. The University of Northampton, of which the degrees are awarded to students of LSBM ranks amongst the top 50 UK universities.

Range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in the field of Business Studies, Management, international communication, computing, Law including International commercial law.

 The LSBM also encourage its teaching staff to involve themselves in research activities and also provides them scholarships, organises research and business conference for better student experience.


All the courses are conducted on the Birkbeck College, university of London. The students of LSBM are given complete access to the Birkbeck’s library and internet services. The college is well equipped with the advanced teaching facilities. Most of the lectures are made interactive through latest audio-visual equipment. It also provides advanced computer laboratories and other IT services to students

The student facilities and head office of the university is located in picturesque area of Bloomsbury in the heart of London. It is considered a very vibrant area having parks, shops, cafes and other commercial areas. The area is also considered to be a home to the central facilities of the university of London. 

In 2014, the university has opened an international centre in China by forming a partnership with Shenyang Linkup Education Consultants Co Lid.

Student Facilities:

  •  LSBM provides complete online support to all the students. All the lecture notes and presentations are made available to students through internet. This helps to study from anywhere and also gives them an advantage to prepare before the lecture.
  • The students, once enrolled in LSBM directly become associate members of University of London Students’ Union. A range of activities are conducted by the union including film screenings, drama and debate societies etc.
  • The accommodation may not be available on the campus but LSBM makes sure that students find their accommodation near the campus at affordable rates. The accommodation options include Student halls of residence, host accommodation, rented apartments etc.
  • Scholarships are essentially awarded to International students at LSBM, while bursaries are made available to domestic students or those belonging to EU. The amount granted under scholarships and bursaries helps in travel, accommodation, maintenance and other expenses. It may range from £250 to £2500 or even more than that depending upon the needs and performance of the student. 

Transport and Location:

As the location of the University is in central London, the campus as well as head office of LSBM is easily accessible from all the travel routes in the city. It is also accessible by bus and train transport. There is no on campus car parking available for the visitors.

Students are availed accommodation nearby hence they can easily walk to their campus.

Contact Information

  •  Address: 1 Malet Street, London, WC1E 7JN
  • Telephone:  +44 (0)20 7078 8840, +44 (0)20 7636 7291 
  • Website: http://www.lsbm.ac.uk/
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