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University of Glasgow,Glasgow,United Kingdom

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Founded way back in 1415, University of Glasgow is considered as the fourth oldest English university in the world. University of Glasgow, currently known for its research intensive programme, is considered as one of the initiators in the profession oriented programmes in the higher education of UK.

The University of Glasgow has been ranked in top 100 universities of the world many times by many surveys till date. But in 2013, it received its best ever ranking in the QS World University Rankings, it secured the 51st position in the world and 9th in the UK. 

Its department of Population and Ecosystem Health has been awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. Over 23,300 students are currently enrolled in the university. The University of Glasgow offers a range of undergraduate and post-graduate courses under the faculties of Accounting and finance, Archaeology, Arts, History, Health Sciences, literature and languages, social sciences, basic and environmental sciences along with other courses.


 There are three main campuses of the university.

  • Gilmorehill Campus, located at the west end of Glasgow. This houses the main building and many research and teaching faculty buildings. The city centre is just 5 kilometres away from this campus. It also houses lecture theatres and a huge multi-media library and other building with beautiful architecture.The archives of the University of Glasgow, is a central place for all the historical records for the university. While, the university also house many museums namely The Hunterian- one of the oldest public museum in Scotland, Hunterian Museum- hosted by the main building of the university, Hunterian Art Gallery, The Mackintosh House and the Zoology Museum.
  •  Garscube Campus, located just 4 miles away from the main campus, it houses the institutes for veterinary, Medical and life science along with 4 major research institutes. This campus is known for its sports facilities as well.
  • Dumfries Campus has the school of interdisciplinary studies. It is spread over 85 acres of parkland on the south west of Scotland. It also has Open University.

Student Facilities:        

  • The university provides a number of postgraduate and undergraduate residences with advanced facilities. Most of the residences are in the vicinity of the main campus and are either self-catered or catered by the university. The Dumfries campus has a separate accommodation facility.
  • All the residences are equipped with facilities such as internet points, Common halls, Bike Shed, Car Parking and Security etc. The university also has an online system of booking the accommodation; hence the room can be booked before even landing in UK.
  • As Glasgow has been known as one of the best cities for International students, the campuses of its university are buzzing with international students. The university has special team dedicated to the international students and has help centres for them.
  • The university also offers various scholarships to students studying at every level including international students. They also have the programmes fund a research done by current students away from the university.


  • As the accommodations are just a walking distance away from the Campuses, the students are encouraged to either walk or cycle to the campus for their regular lectures.
  • A minibus services is also fictional from the residences to the campus. Also, the system of pool vehicles, car hires and parking facilities are also in place.

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