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Laurentian University,Toronto, Ontario,Canada

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Founded in the year 1960 on March 28th, Laurentian University is a public bilingual university which is located at Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Even though the university focuses on undergraduate programs, it features a new medical school that opened its gates in the year 2005.There are over 9000 undergraduate students and 515 post-graduate students with an administrative staff of 922 teaching and non-teaching staff.

The motto of the university is “Emitte lucem et veritatem” which means “Send out light and truth”.

The university has achieved the biggest jump in the Maclean’s University rankings by moving up four spots in the list and now holds a spot in the Top 10 Undergraduate Universities.

The rankings of the facilities, according to Maclean’s Top 10 Undergraduate Universities, are as follows –

  • 3rd in Library Acquisition
  • 4th in Scholarships and Bursaries
  • 5th in Medical and Science Grants
  • 7th in Total Research Dollars
  • 7th in Awards per Full-Time Faculty
  • 8th in Student Awards
  • 9th in Student-Faculty Ratio.

The main university campus lies towards the south side of the beautiful Lake Ramsey which is located to the south of the Greater Sudbury’s downtown core in the Bell Grove neighborhood. Similar to the University of Toronto, the university has a structure of being an affiliated university. The university has two distinct student’s unions which sometimes appear to be unusual and controversial. But the students of the university can join up for either of the two unions which offer distinct student services.

Student Facilities

The facilities of the Laurentian University that are offered to the students are as follows –

  • There is a comprehensive and extensive library that is available to the students who are part of the university
  • The university has five unique residence facilities which is under the direct supervision of the main campus and three other residences which are under the supervision of the affiliated colleges of the university
  • The university also has extensive athletics facilities which consist of a training room, an indoor track, squash courts, swimming pool, gymnasiums, outdoor facilities, indoor facilities and two separate areas for climbing exercises.


In addition of having the main university campus, the university has five other campuses which are located around the main campus, which are as follows –

  • Great hall – The multipurpose auditorium and dining hall which are used for special events
  • Fraser Auditorium – This is another large volume auditorium which is more formal that the Great Hall and is used for larger first-year classes on a daily basis
  • Ben Avery – This building is a sports building and is the main area for all non-academic action
  • Games Room – The Parker Building in the campus contains a Games Room which is open for all students and contains a few virtual gaming platforms
  • Beach – The University has its own private beach which contains 5 freshwater lakes in the campus area.

Contact Information

  • Address – Campus Sudbury, 935 Ramsey Lake Road,  Sudbury, Ontario – P3E 2C6.
  • Phone Number – 705-675-1151 or 1-800-461-4030 for Campus Sudbury
  • Websitewww.laurentian.ca


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