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The University of Sydney,Sydney,Australia

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The University of Sydney or the Sydney University, as it is more commonly referred,is one of the most prestigious and reputed public universities in Australia. In fact,it ranks at No. 27 in the list of the most reputable universities of the world. With the student strength of around 50,000, the university is a rather coveted academic institution both for the local as well as for the international students. Set up in the year 1850, the university comprises of a number of schools and colleges as well that offer courses in a varied range of subjects.

The university, known also for its leadership building qualities, put their vision as: “Our scholars and studentsshare a passionate commitment to the transformative power of education. Our research makes a real difference to our understanding of today's world and how we work and live in it, and we enrich our community by bringing together people from all social and cultural backgrounds.”

Apart from the beautiful campuses and the vast student population, the university is renowned for its excellent standards of academics and research programs. There are specially qualified expert teachers and outstanding scholars who contribute to the growth of the university. Of the odd 50,000 student population, almost 15,000 are international ones who actually come from varied national and cultural backgrounds. 


It is, in fact, even an important member of the "Group of Eight" top universities in Australia. Here are the few achievements of the university

Besides ranking a proud 27th numerous notable awards and rankings, the place also occupies the 37thQS World University Rankings and boasts of a main campus that comes within the list of the top 10 university campuses in the world in terms of beauty and aesthetics,according to the British Daily Telegraph. 


Besides its main campus, the Sydney University has about 11 other local campuses all located in and around Sydney that are acclaimed too for their educational and teaching standard. The campuses are all as follows:

  • The Camperdown campus, the main campus near Darlington
  • The Mallet Street campus
  • The Cumberland campus at Lidcombe
  • The Sydney Dental campus at Surrey Hills
  • The St. James campus at Phillip Street
  • The Rozelle campus
  • The Sydney Conservatorium
  • The Orange Agricultural campus at Orange
  • The Camden campus at south Sydney
  • The One tree island near Heron island
  • The Taylors College campus at Waterloo  in the world’s most reputed universities chart and other 
  • The Watson Grains Research campus at Narrabri

Student Facilities:

The facilities offered by the university to the students are manifold. They are:

  • •The University consists of about eleven libraries based on the varied subjects,all well equipped and well maintained
  • There are special museums and art galleries maintained and set up by the university for the students that help in their better comprehension and interest building
  • There are separate residential complexes, houses and pocket friendly hostels for both the local and the foreign students at all the campuses

Contact Information:

  • Address: The University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
  • Phone: +61 2 9351 2222
  • Website: www.sydney.edu.au
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