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The University of Melbourne,Melbourne,Australia

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The university of Melbourne, Australia is on the second position among the oldest universities of Australia. It was established in 1853 and since then they have been creating wonders in the field of research, learning, teaching and recruiting too. Their outstanding performances have ranked them consistently among the leading universities.

The university of Melbourne has maintained regularity in their teaching standards, research standards and recruitments by highlighting the importance of the same to the students. Besides this, the University claims to follow a strategy of pouring high-class education into the minds of the students with better understanding.

The university of Melbourne, Australia showers flair of course selecting options for the students comprising of medical, business, administrative, engineering, marketing, media, tourism and welfare related courses, respectively.

The university of Melbourne has seven campuses across Melbourne but the main campus is located in ‘Parkville’. The University has a well-connected transport network including rail, bus and motorways. The fairs are also very affordable to spend.

Here are the achievemets of the university

  • The QS World University Subject Rankings has ranked the University of Melbourne as 2nd for the subject of ‘Education’, 8th for ‘Accounting and Finance’, 10th in ‘Psychology’, 12th in ‘’ and 15th in ‘Computer Science and IT’.
  • The University of Melbourne was ranked 1st in the ‘Financial Times’ in 2003.
  • In 2013, the University of Melbourne was ranked 9th among the top 10 leading universities of Australia for their Medical Course.
  • The University ranking by Academic Performance, ranked the University of Melbourne on the 4oth position around the globe.

Student Facilities:

The University of Melbourne provides several facilities to the students along with the best learning circumstances. Some of the available facilities for the students are as below:

  • ATM machines for the students for getting easy money.
  • The University has its own bookshop within the campus.
  • Pharmacy for the students. So that they get immediate support during health issues.
  • Library with a wholesome collection of books full of brilliance.
  • Students’ Union.
  • Theatres and seminar rooms are also constructed for the events to be organized.

The recruitment procedure of the University of Melbourne is outstanding. The students get fair opportunities for placements. Various interviews are being scheduled by the University for the better placement of the students. Whether the students are from the business sector or else, enormous opportunities are handed over to them. The University has a collaboration with various dignified business companies and industrial resources that the students from the school of business get wide range of chances of internships and jobs too.

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