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Victoria University,Melbourne,Australia

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Rated among one of the foremost academic institutions in Australia, the Victoria University in Australia goes back a long way with a notable and glorious past. It was established way back in 1916 and since then the institution has undergone a number of changes including its name, although the quality of education has been maintained all through. In fact, with 2016, the university will be celebrating its grand centenary program with its vast existing and alumni student strength.

There are almost 45,000 students from different parts of the world who are currently studying under this university at its various campuses in a vast and wide range of courses that the university is famous for offering. The primary motto of the university is stated as:

Through our strong industry connections and leadership in sport education, we provide opportunities for every individual to achieve success on their own terms.”

With a vision to empower students across the globe to enfold themselves to their full potential, the university continues to inspire students till date with its team of expert and specialised professors and even professionals from the business world. The diverse student strength and the strategic teaching are some of the best things about the university.


The Victoria University is one of the biggest universities in the country with about ten campuses altogether in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney and about a dozen other colleges that are in collaboration with the institution. Nine of the campuses of the university are in the west of Melbourne, the CBD and the rest of western area. Each houses a number of research centres and research institutes. The tenth one is at Sydney that works with other universities in Asia. The campuses are:

  • The Footscray Park campus and the Sunshine campus at Ballarat Road
  • The St Albans campus at McKecknie Street
  • The Footscray Nicholson campus and the Whitten Oval campus in Footscray
  • The City Flinders campus at the Flinders Street
  • The City King campus near the Southern Cross Station
  • The City Queen campus at the Queen Street
  • The Werribee campus at Werribee
  • The Melton campus at Rees Road
  • The Sydney campus in Sydney

Student Facilities

Being one of the most prestigious and oldest universities of the nation, it is quite coveted due to its academic standard and the facilities it provide to its students. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is a dual sector institution that offers its student both academic education and vocational training or TAFE so that they are ready to face the challenges of the world, once they graduate
  • The university not only offers degree or diploma courses in a vast array of subjects including some offbeat ones like sports, recreation management, sports engineering, beauty therapy etc, but also offers research and doctorate programs on those topics
  • The university is paired with and has collaborated with a number of local and foreign universities and colleges like in Asia over the years in regard to the various vocational or academic courses
  • The institution offers various types of scholarships and aids to its international students who are from a varied national backgrounds and amount to almost 15,000
  • There are separate residential complexes and cheap hostel facilities for the local and international students as well as the professors

Contact Details:

  • Address: Ballarat Road, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia
  • Phone: +61 3 9919 4000
  • Website: www.vu.edu.au
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