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University of Wollongong,Wollongong,Australia

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University of Wollongong (UOW) is based in New South Wales, Australia. Founded in 1952, it received the status of an independent institution in 1975.  Initially it was an institution dedicated to training Engineers and Metallurgists; they have still continued to do so, but now it has evolved as one of the most promising universities in Australia.

There are currently 31, 464 students enrolled with the University out of which 12,811 are International Students from 143 countries. The UOW has definitely gained popularity amongst the international diaspora.

The UOW offers 471 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees under which it conducts over 1,800 subjects. The prominent faculties besides Engineering and Metallurgy that have emerged are ‘Business’, ‘Science, Medicine and Health’, ‘Social Sciences’, ‘Law, Humanities and the Arts’.

In the 283rd QS world University rankings (2014-15), the UOW ranked amongst the top 2% in the world and it has continued to do so in almost all the prestigious studies and surveys. Its global ranking is under 50 and has been considered as one of Australia’s best modern universities. In Australia employers have shown great interest in the students of UOW also calling it the university that prepares its students to become successful professionals.


There are 9 campuses of UOW, fully functional and well equipped to cater its huge number of students.

  • Wollongong Campus is the main campus of the university located on the New South Wales coast, only 3km from the city centre. This campus is huge in capacity with 30,000 students taking classes and has over 2,000 staff members. It has all the facilities such as wide range of teaching and research buildings, cafes, restaurants, sports facility, conference halls and student residence etc.
  • Shoalhaven Campus is the second in line located in the West Nowra in the City of Shoalhaven. The UOW has built a teaching facility and developed the campus with all the advanced facilities with a TAFE known as Illawara Institute. The campus is technologically advanced and also propagates community learning. Many courses from almost all the important faculties of the UOW are offered here.
  • The Innovation Campus (iC) is located in the Wollongong campus but it is called as a satellite campus facility. Established through seed funding, the iC has become a nucleus of Innovation and Research in Australia. It mostly trains students to come up with innovative solutions for social, technological and economic problems faced by people in the present times.
  • The UOW Sydney Business School is one of the most important campuses of the UOW. Originally known as the Sydney Business School, it has spread its wings in three campuses across Australia. One of them happens to be at the Wollongong. It offers host of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business management and studies.

The UOW has a range of overseas campuses such as Dubai, South Korea and various education centers across Australia.

Student Facilities

  • All the campuses offer state-of-the-art facilities with well-equipped library. It serves the multimedia purposes with Wi-Fi facilities made available for students.
  • The UOW also offers the Accommodation facilities to students. The university has a capacity to provide accommodation to almost 1900 students on the campus. There are many option made available for students near the campus but are managed by the university. Special residences are made available for students with disabilities. There are in all 9 residential halls in the Wollongong campus.
  • A good number of scholarships and funding options are available at UOW for domestic as well as international students. They follow a proper process of application and interviews before awarding the scholarships and awards.

Transport and Location

 All the campuses of UOW are well connected by public transport, shuttle bus services and also provides car parking facilities. Even the Wollongong campus is walking distance from a nearest railway station. The UOW advocates sustainable transport and encourages students to either use bicycles or walk to the campus.

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