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University of Canberra,Canberra,Australia

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Established in 1967, the University of Canberra received the University status in 1990. The public university is known as Australia’s capital university and has been focusing on preparing its students for lucrative professional careers.

Currently, there are 14,000 students studying in the University of Canberra. The university has been consistently growing since 2007. In 2013, the Good Universities Guide gave a five star rating to the University for ‘Getting a Job’ and ‘Positive Graduate Outcome’. The graduates of the University of Canberra are considered as the most employable in Australia. 

The university has six main faculties under which it offers host of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The faculties are namely Applied Science, Health, Art and Design, Business, Government and Law, Education and Information Sciences and Engineering. It also has courses related to Media, Pharma and International business.


The University of Canberra has an accessible yet scenic campus with native wildlife such as various species of birds, Kangaroos and tall trees present across the campus. When we say the campus is accessible that means that the Canberra city center is just 12 minutes away by bus or also possible to cover the distance on foot.

As there is only one Campus located in Bruce, Canberra, it offers a great social life to all the students and the faculty. It is well equipped with Coffee Shops, Restaurants,  Food Outlets, Bar, Lounges even the shops, banks and hairdressing salons are closely located. There is an advanced sports and fitness center along with professional and social clubs. The university also has a number of sports team.

Each faculty has dedicated learning and teaching facilities in the form of laboratories, computer rooms, internet access, and studios for Art and Design section. It also provides a suitable environment for research students.

All the students have access to the library. There is only one common library in the Campus and it addresses to the multimedia needs and also has a collection catering to all the faculties. The National Library of Australia is also accessible for the student as it is located nearby.

Student Facilities

  • The university offers its domestic students almost all the government schemes offering Financial Support and scholarships. There are many other scholarships made available for undergraduate and postgraduate students along with International students. All the students can apply for the scholarships through their online portal.
  •  For Accommodation, both on-campus and off-campus options are made available to students. For on-campus there are three options such as the Cooper Lodge (416 beds), Weeden Lodge (480 beds) and the University of Canberra Village.  For off-campus accommodation options such as Homestay, renting flats nearby are made available by the university. Mostly, the accommodations are self-catered, have a proper security in place and are at affordable rates.
  • The university since its inception has had students from over 100 countries and has been popular amongst international students for its professional approach. The university also has an international student support services available in various languages and addresses almost all the issues faced by international students.          

Transport and Location

The University of Canberra is accessible from many routes from the Canberra bus service called as ‘Action’. The students can also avail Action My Way cards for affordable and easy transport. The university has also made taxi services available. It has bike shelters for bicycles and spacious car parking facility.

Coming from abroad or from other state of Australia, the university is accessible from Canberra Airport and well connected to the train stations.

Contact Information

  • Address: UC International, University of Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia
  • Telephone: +61 2 6201 5111
  • Website: http://www.canberra.edu.au/
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